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Feb Collision

February’s Collision Burger comes from high-profile Chicago chefs Ashlee Aubin and Chrissy Camba! This one has a special place in our Valentine hearts because of the way the couple met.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Spoiler alert: it was in our kitchen.

After moving to Chicago in 2005, Chef Ashlee took a job with us in the kitchen at Hearty Boys Catering. Meanwhile, Chef Chrissy was working the line at “HB Restaurant”. The two businesses were run out of the same kitchen, and there was always a bit of crossover as the shifts changed.

Ashlee “would try to make sure there was a reason to stick around a little longer or find something work related to talk to Chrissy about.  Eventually, I even volunteered to work some extra shifts in the restaurant to get the chance to know her better.”

EDITORS NOTE: This sounds like a nice story to everyone…even though it smacks of milking the time clock to me. I’ll let it go because…Valentine’s Day. ANYWAY….

Both of their careers grew tremendously; Chef Ashlee went on to “Alinea” and “Zealous” and is now the chef at “Wood” and “Salero” restaurants. Chrissy went on to open her own restaurant, “Laughing Bird” and was featured on Top Chef Season 10. She is currently doing pop-ups as we await the opening of her new concept: “Maddy’s Dumpling House”.

As Chef Ashlee puts it, “Cooking still brings us closer,” and this month’s burger is the couple’s “ideal compromise burger”.  Two thin griddle patties topped with good aged cheddar cheese, grilled onions, iceberg lettuce, and Russian dressing (lots of it). Sounds like love, right? Ashlee and Chrissy got engaged recently and plan to hold the ceremony in the kitchen at “HB”.

EDITORS NOTE: The engagement part is true. The ceremony in HB’s Kitchen is false. But we do know a good caterer.

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