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“Too much is not nearly enough.” That’s the mantra our family has thrust upon my mother in law. It pertains first and foremost to her jewelry; about 6 earrings per ear (none of them match or are paired), a ring or two on each finger (including the thumbs) and a small stack of necklaces that need to be untangled throughout the day.

It permeates throughout her life…literally. I was going mad in the passenger seat of my car once trying to find the source of the cologne I seemed to be wearing until I finally realized I was being assaulted by the seatbelt she had used the week before. And as far as a home is concerned, she’s never met a cleared counter that couldn’t be filled with more porcelain geese.

When it comes to food she is gloriously over zealous. She’s Italian (you saw that coming, no?). Dinner for 2? She’ll just throw on a pound of pasta. Christmas Eve’s Feast of the Seven Fish? She makes eleven. No joke. Eleven.  Even God is like, “Vicki…the 7 was fine…honestly…take a break.” She just dropped by this week for a few days and has left multiple Tupperware containers filled with Bolognese and sweet Italian sausages. There’s a couple of unmarked foil-wrapped items in the freezer that I’ll pull out after work next month for a surprise dinner.

So, Vicki is October’s reason for us loving having more! And you’re going to really love who we are getting more of at SpritzBurger. Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s is partnering with this us for October’s Collision Burger. More Doug!  His Certified Angus Beef Burger is stacked with stinky French Cheese (Doug’s words), our Housemade Lardon and Whole Grain Mustard Aioli.

You’re also going to love our fall specials at SpritzBurger. Bottomless Sangria on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Bottomless Mimosas at Sunday Brunch. More what? More Booze! More Sangria! More Mimosas!

My featured wedding this month is a perfect example of more. Amy and Ian took a bland concrete wall and transformed it into a temporary chalk sign-in book. They had more and more paper flowers in the wedding arch and arranged in vintage tin truck centerpieces. Amy had more tattoos and Ian’s family flew in from Scotland which led to more of everything including more dancing to an amazing Scottish rock band.

And weddings bring us to the best part of owning a catering business…being surrounded by more love. More engagements, more first dances, more families joining together for more love. And that, of course, brings us full circle back to Vicki; who holds our family tightly together in a cloud of more perfume doling out more kisses, more support and always…more pasta.

-Steve McDonagh

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